Cozy Cable Knit Decor

Guys, I’m actually excited for Winter this year. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. I’m never excited for Winter. I don’t like the cold. But I keep finding myself being anxious for the cold nights, sitting under a knitted blanket, drinking hot chocolate and watching Elf. Actually, that’s almost what I’m doing right now. I’m under my knitted blanket, drinking my hazelnut coffee and … Continue reading Cozy Cable Knit Decor

Cold Weather Tips and Products For Your Pet

Last Winter was my first Canadian Winter and this year will be Leo’s first Canadian Winter. I got Leo in the Spring when it was still a little cold. Probably around 40 degrees.. and he was shaking like a leaf when I took him outside. I’m still unsure if he was shaking because he was scared or cold or a combination of both, but it … Continue reading Cold Weather Tips and Products For Your Pet