$25 Makeshift Area Rug

Hi, friends! I’m back! I’ve MIA this past week because I’ve had a busy schedule and a terrible internet connection. But what better way to redeem myself by sharing a very frugal hack with you? Drum roll, please… A $25 makeshift area rug! Area rugs are pricy, right? My parents were long overdue for new area rugs. Their’s had seen far too many puppies and … Continue reading $25 Makeshift Area Rug

Cozy Cable Knit Decor

Guys, I’m actually excited for Winter this year. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. I’m never excited for Winter. I don’t like the cold. But I keep finding myself being anxious for the cold nights, sitting under a knitted blanket, drinking hot chocolate and watching Elf. Actually, that’s almost what I’m doing right now. I’m under my knitted blanket, drinking my hazelnut coffee and … Continue reading Cozy Cable Knit Decor

Gemstone and Mineral Home Decor

I can’t get enough of all the gem stone and mineral home decor I’m seeing pop up. All the agate, quartz, geodes. It’s beautiful and brings a cool and natural vibe into the home. And the colors! All of the colors! I’m still mentally decorating our future home in my head (hopefully very near future) and these are my top picks that I’m currently swooning … Continue reading Gemstone and Mineral Home Decor

Trend Spotting: Gold and Marble Decor

I’ve been a long time lover of gold accents in the home. It eye catching and it dazzles me..and even though marble is timeless and classic, I’m just now jumping on that bandwagon. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long. I love white and gray together. But even more than that I’m loving white and gray with marbled and gold accents. I’m especially … Continue reading Trend Spotting: Gold and Marble Decor

13 Faux Fur Finds Under $100

I’ve jumped on this faux fur bandwagon and I don’t plan on getting off ever. I absolutely love a good furry find. Having faux fur in the home just feels so cozy, glamorous, and sexy.  It’s perfect for a chilly fall day, but don’t think I won’t still have some fur accents out in the summer. I’ve scoured the internet trying to find the best … Continue reading 13 Faux Fur Finds Under $100