The Sweetest Blush Pink and Blue Nursery

This has been one of my most popular posts on I absolutely LOVE putting together nursery collages and this would definitely be one I’d be referring back to if I ever had a little girl. It’s got everything! I’ve always loved pink and bows and this is the crib I had picked out when we were sure Jay was a girl. Every single piece … Continue reading The Sweetest Blush Pink and Blue Nursery

$25 Makeshift Area Rug

Hi, friends! I’m back! I’ve MIA this past week because I’ve had a busy schedule and a terrible internet connection. But what better way to redeem myself by sharing a very frugal hack with you? Drum roll, please… A $25 makeshift area rug! Area rugs are pricy, right? My parents were long overdue for new area rugs. Their’s had seen far too many puppies and … Continue reading $25 Makeshift Area Rug

13 Faux Fur Finds Under $100

I’ve jumped on this faux fur bandwagon and I don’t plan on getting off ever. I absolutely love a good furry find. Having faux fur in the home just feels so cozy, glamorous, and sexy. ┬áIt’s perfect for a chilly fall day, but don’t think I won’t still have some fur accents out in the summer. I’ve scoured the internet trying to find the best … Continue reading 13 Faux Fur Finds Under $100