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Hey there! I’m Jenna. So glad you’re here! If you’re here, you probably like pretty clothes or home décor or are trying to figure out mom life, in which case, let’s be friends.

I started blogging back in 2016 and didn’t really stick with it. Life got crazy and it just kept getting bumped down the priority list until eventually I forgot about it. Flash forward to summer of 2019 and I started my journey on Instagram. I had had an Instagram account for years, but rarely used it until after my son was born and I had a cute new baby to show off and plenty of time on my hands while I was sitting around breastfeeding. Almost one year later, my Instagram has become a business and source of income, which brought me back to blogging. I had been considering starting a blog again for a while, and as fate goes, I happened to get an email that someone was requesting to use some of my blog content of their blog. So, I signed into to the old blog, which I didn’t done in YEARS and was surprised to see how many views it was still getting. It definitely gave me the encouragement I needed to start again.

I just want to share all of the pretty things I find one the internet and teach people how to make an income online. If you’re into that, stick around, pour yourself a glass of wine and let’s chat!

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