June Income Report- $800

june income

Can you all believe it’s July already? June was super busy and it flew by. Blogging and social media took a bit of a back seat for the month but I’m happy to say my online earnings still increased.

I hope that anyone reading this that is thinking of starting a blog or monetizing your social media is inspired by this because let me just say, it is HARD to stay motivated in the beginning, especially until you get over that first hump of finally get a paid brand deal or a first sale on LikeToKnow.it. I didn’t think it would ever happen for me and I’m still so thankful for this opportunity everyday. I started taking Instagram seriously in July 2019 and got my first paid brand deal in February 2020. So work hard and stick with it and don’t let the rejection get to you. I still get more rejections than accepted brand deals.

Where I’m currently finding brand deals

Until recently I had found all of my paid brand deals through AspireIQ and a few through the Hey app, but recently I’ve been using Insense and having some success. I’m also trying Octoly to find free beauty products to find a review, which I’m not technically making money on but it saves me from buying some cosmetics so it’s still a win. I’ve also used Heartbeat a few times. The brand deals on there are extremely low paying so I only chose to work on the campaign if there’s a free product included that I’m excited about.

Here’s the breakdown


Brand deals- $230

I started off the month seeing a pretty steady incline in RewardStyle but in the past couple weeks it has dropped again, but with LTK day around the corner, I’m hoping it picks back up. Let me know if there is any other social media tips or insight you’re interested in below!

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