How to Shop the Lilly Pulitzer Sale


This was my first time shopping the Lilly sale and let me just say WHY?? It was SO good! I didn’t really know what to expect. I thought there might be a couple pages of things marked 20-30% off, but no! There were over 30 pages of things marked 60-70% off!

As with any sale, it’s important to prepare. Check the site at least a day before and read the details such as start time, whether you can return or exchange items, length of the sale, etc. Once you know the start time, set an alarm for 15 minutes before to wrap up anything you might be doing and get on the site several minutes before it starts and keep refreshing the page when it’s go time…

BUT with the Lilly sale its important to read the pop ups. I made the mistake of thinking the site was stuck and kept exiting out and retrying because I didn’t read the screen. Had I read, I would have seen that I was put in virtual line and was advised NOT to refresh the page (or leave) once that happened.

Once I was in and found an item, I put it in my cart and checked out immediately. Shipping was free over $25 so it was easy to earn free shipping. I didn’t want to risk the item selling out while I continued to browse, so I purchased each item as an individual order.

Sales like these, time is definitely of the essence. I watched it go from over 30 pages of sale items to 11 in the short time I was browsing this morning… and I probably didn’t see the best of it considering I had to wait in virtual line for 30 minutes.

Overall I have no complaints (except estimated shipping time being 3-5 weeks, though its understandable right now.) There was a jumpsuit I had been eyeing for MONTHS that was originally $188 and I scored it for $64! It isn’t too late to shop. It’s still going on! Happy shopping!

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