Classic Baby Boy Nursery

boy nursery
I absolutely LOVE being a boy mom, but I know I can’t be the only one that thinks it’s so much more difficult to find cute baby boy stuff than it is to find beautiful baby girl things. But it makes it that much more exciting when I do find a really cute little boy outfit or nursery décor, like a scavenger hunt!
The one thing I regret about Jay’s nursery is not incorporating more color into it. I went through a phase where I wanted EVERYTHING to be grey and white. Now I’m dreaming of blues and greens and nautical vibes.
I think the gingham bed is perfection for a little boy, but if your little one is still in a crib, a white crib with gingham sheets would be just as cute, or you could opt for the Beaufort Bonnet sailboat sheet set in this photo.
I think the blue and white and nautical décor is so classic, yet some of these pieces are so trendy and modern.

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