Cold Weather Tips and Products For Your Pet

Cold weather

Last Winter was my first Canadian Winter and this year will be Leo’s first Canadian Winter. I got Leo in the Spring when it was still a little cold. Probably around 40 degrees.. and he was shaking like a leaf when I took him outside. I’m still unsure if he was shaking because he was scared or cold or a combination of both, but it didn’t hit me until then that my 6 lb Yorkie was going to have a tough time in the Winter months when temperatures drop as low as -30.

I started doing my research on tips and products and to help my little guy out and wish I had just started him out on pee pads from the beginning. I don’t think either one of us are going to enjoy walks outside when it’s freezing cold and the snow is taller than he is. This  Yorkie’s unlike most dogs don’t have an undercoat to keep them warm. Their hair is more similar to human hair. I also read that they lose more heat through their ears. So here’s some of products and the tips and products I’ve found to help keep my little fur baby warm both inside and outside this Winter.


Hurtta Ultimate Warmer $88.00

I searched for days comparing doggie coats and snowsuits, reading reviews, and picking through google’s content. This seems to be the best of the best. It’s designed for extreme conditions. It’s waterproof and windproof and focus’s on keeping your dog’s core and vital organs warm. Hurtta is a a company based in Finland and has been called the “north face of dog coats”. They have plenty of other great dog coats and products to choose from if the ultimate warmer isn’t for you.


Restoration Hardware Ultra Faux Fur Reversible Pet Vest $59.00

For less extreme temperatures, this is a super cozy and stylish option. I love my faux fur in the winter time and so does my little Leo.


21st Century Essential Pet Dog Paw Pad Protector $7.99

Protect those paws in the Summer and Winter. All the salt on the roads and sidewalks isn’t good for your pup’s paws. It causes your pup’s paws to dry out and burn and crack. This stuff is a good alternative to boots. I tried boots with Leo because I wanted to added warmth that boots provide, but every pair I tried made him walk like a high school majorette after 12 margaritas.. so paw pad protector it is!


Safe Paw Ice Melt $10.84

Like I said, salt is bad your pup’s paws, but this ice melter doesn’t contain salt and is safe for pups and children. Use this instead.


Cuddle Cup $79.99

This is going to be Leo’s Christmas present this year.. Shhhh, don’t tell him 😉 It’s warm and cozy and perfect for small dogs who love to burrow away from the cold. It’s a 3-in-1 dog bed, sleeping bag, and throw blanket. It’s also great for traveling and can be used to store and carry you pups accessories while you’re away.


Faux Fur Dog Cuddle Carrier $159.99

Basically a cuddle cup on a strap. I was wishing I had one of these this weekend to put Leo in at the farmer’s market. It really started to feel like Winter around here this weekend, and Leo doesn’t like walking around at the crowded farmers market, but he likes being next to his momma! 🙂 This might have to be his Christmas present next year. Also perfect for traveling.


KH Mfg Thermo Snuggly Sleeper Dog Bed Starting at $62.99

A pet bed with a low wattage heater that heats the bed to your pet’s normal body temperature! I can imagine that Leo would love this because he seemed to really enjoy snuggling with me under my heated blanket yesterday.


Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad $24.49

Or you can try this! A microwave heating pad to put under your pet’s bedding that keeps it’s heat for up to 10 hours. I can’t help to think that this is another item perfect for traveling or heating in the morning before you leave for work when your pet is home alone with no one to snuggle up to.


Potty Patch Starting at $39.99

If all else fails, try to get your dog accustomed to going on a potty patch. I imagine that it would be a little difficult and confusing for a dog that’s been trained to potty outside, but I’ve read some promising reviews due to it’s organic smell and artificial grass.

*Winter Weather Pet Tips*

  • Please, please, please bring you pets inside during extreme temperatures.
  • Give your dog plenty of play time inside if you’re limiting your dog’s time outside.
  • Groom accordingly. This seems like a no-brainer, but my mom has cut her poodle’s fur too short in the colder months, and they had to keep a sweater on 24/7.
  • Check their skin and paws for dryness and cracking and treat accordingly.
  • Clean your dogs paws off when they come inside. Not only is the salt harmful, but they often get antifreeze on the paws. Licking it off can cause death.
  • Be patient with your pet as it adjusts to the changes and any of the above products.

Stay warm this Winter, friends! Do you have any good products or tips that I missed?

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