Wine Design: 9 Wine Bottles Too Pretty To Pitch

Guys.. I’m a packaging junkie. I’ll spend a little more for a product JUST because I know it’ll look pretty on my counter top. Everything from dish soap to my dog’s toys. I buy what is most visually appealing to me. I especially love a beautifully designed wine bottle or label because there’s so many ways to reuse the bottle (with or without the label) for home décor. I once went to liquor barn for the sole purpose of buying pretty wine bottles to put in my wine bottle chandelier. I didn’t care what the wine tasted like. I knew I’d drink it either way. I’ve never found a wine I wouldnt drink.

I also love using wine bottles as vases for faux floral arrangements. There’s all kinds of DIY crafts on pinterest using wine bottles… and you’re going to want these wine bottles to do it!


Of course it’s floral! You know why? You literally can’t go wrong with floral.

Gamme fleur de Lys_350pix

See.. I told you that you can’t go wrong with floral. These limited edition bottles by cotes de provence are stunning!


The perfect rose for a bachelorette party! Inspired by lingerie and designed by Marianna Greco for Racemi


The black, white and gold abstract label really catches my attention.. and reminds me of Gatsby!


Another stunning floral design by Wolffer Estate Vineyard But it here for $24.00


This design from Studio Boot is beautiful. It was designed for the No House Project. All proceeds help build homes for deprived communities in South Africa, specifically the  KwazuluNathal area that is deeply effected by AIDS and has left many children in orphanages.


This intricate design by Hatch for JAQK Cellars.


This colorful, geometric design by Simon C Page and Marcel Buerkle.


This one by Agnes Dombovari reminds me of twinkle lights on Christmas.

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