5 Holy Grail Facial Masks For All Your Skins Needs


Who doesn’t love a good at home spa day complete with bath bombs, body scrubs and facial masks? I feel so pampered and clean after applying a good mask. But there’s always the intense internal dilemma before the blissful relaxation and silky smooth skin… WHICH MASK DO I APPLY?? So, I’ve decided to help you narrow it down to these 5 amazing picks.

Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask $9.39

I know they say you’re supposed to save the best for last… but I just get way too excited about this mask. If you’re expecting glamglow superglow to be on here… it’s not.. Because this is a WAY cheaper dupe.. and it’s made from all natural ingredients. Anyone that I’ve ever talked to about skincare knows that I rave about this product. The smell is a little offputting but it’s SO worth it. Like glamglow, it goes on as a dark green color and dries to a lighter green, all except for your areas with clogged pores, blackheads, etc. It provides the instant gratification that I love so dearly.. and let’s me know what areas I should target when using a comedone extractor. I like to steam open my pores, use this mask followed by the comedone extractor, and exfloiant to get rid of everything that got brought to the surface and follow with the rest of my skincare routine. I always see such an improvement in my skin after doing this. Make sure to shake before each use, or it comes out watery.

Mario Badescu Healing and Soothing Mask $20.00

The name says it all. It’s wonderful for calming down aggravated skin. I like to use it when my skin is trying to heal from a breakout. This mask really helps speed up the process. It’s also wonderful as a spot treatment on the scabby, peeling, messy, inflamed areas. I’ve even used it after chemical peels, and other harsh treatments to calm my skin down (Not too soon after. Follow instructions provided by a professional, or the company supplying the peel). Leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask $25.00

This is the mask I use when I want a glow before interviews, or special occasions. The first time I used it, I was shocked at how radiant my skin was when I took it off. It’s great at sucking all of the impurities right out of congested skin and making your skin feel smooth as silk.
Glamglow Thirsty Mud $69.00

The one is my HG for the winter or any other time my skin is feeling particularly dry. I use it as more of a moisturizer as opposed to a mask, though. I’ve even used it during the day under my make up with fantastic results. Before I moved to Canada, I used to make the 9 hour drive after class from Ohio to Ontario and by the time I got the border, my skin would be a flaking mess! I decided to try putting this under my make up for one of the trips and it’s been an HG ever since.
Skyn Iceland Fresh Start Mask $39.00
I cannot say enough good things about this mask! It is AMAZING..and unlike any other mask I’ve ever used. It’s a two step mask. The first step is a blue clay oxygenating mud and step two is an AHA detoxifying gel. Together they are magical. I didn’t know if my sensitive skin would tolerate it so well, but it’s actually very soothing. It’s a warming mask, but leaves your skin tingling at the same time. It turned little bumps I had on my face into white heads so I was able to extract them, making my skin so much more radiant and smooth. That let me know this mask is powerful and works its magic deep in the skin.. and is surprisingly hydrating!

Let me know your what your HG facial masks are in the comments below! 🙂

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